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1Are appointments for children only?No Category
2Do I need a referral to make an appointment?No Category
3I am a doctor with a question to the allergist, is there an easier way for a doctor to speak to one of the doctors?No Category
4I am having / had a severe allergic reaction and need help urgently, what do I do?No Category
5I am on immunotherapy injections, I have ran out of the treatment and / or missed injections, what do I do?No Category
6I am trying to ring through to your clinic but keep getting engaged signal, why can't I get through?No Category
7Is the appointment bulk billed?No Category
8My EpiPen/Anapen script/action plan has expired, can you send me a renewed script / action plan?No Category
9What happens if I have a question to the doctor after my consultation?No Category
10Which allergist should I book an appointment with?No Category
11Why does it take so long to get an appointment?No Category