Immunotherapy, often referred to as desensitisation, is the closest thing to a cure for allergy, particularly for allergies to common inhalants such as dustmite and pollens. Immunotherapy alters the way in which the immune system reacts to allergens by switching off allergy.

However, immunotherapy is not a “quick fix” form of treatment.  You need to be committed to the program to get results, and cooperate with your doctor to minimize the frequency of any side effects such as localized swelling.

Immunotherapy involves the administration of gradually increasing doses of allergen extracts over a period of years.  The allergen is administered to the patient by injection or sublingual drops (under the tongue). 

Immunotherapy should only be initiated by a doctor who is fully trained in allergy. If you have a referral to see our doctors, make an appointment and our doctors will determine if your allergy symptoms may be relieved by initiating immunotherapy.

Below is a link to the order form to place an immunotherapy order, for existing patients only.

Immunotherapy Payment Form Immunotherapy Payment Form (193 KB)